Bet you thought that to find Americans working at fast food hamburger restaurants, you would have to go to Fargo, North Dakota. Wrong!

I noticed that whenever I took my family to one of California's In-n-out chain restaurants, all the workers spoke English, were very polite, and made the best hamburgers. Puzzled as to why there didn't appear to be any illegal aliens, I interviewed three members of the staff at the In-n-out restaurant in La Mirada

Guess what? In-n-out hires only Americans. Here's why.

In-n-out workers work full time, are paid $10.00 / hour ($3:75 more than the minimum paid to workers at McDonalds, Jack-in-the-Box, Burger King, and a myriad of other similar chain restaurants). In-n-out workers also get medical and dental benefits.

McDonalds and similar chains hire workers at minimum wage on a part time basis which waives the requirement to pay health benefits.

I asked the interviewees if $10.00 per hour was adequate to live on. All said that they were earning enough to support themselves. Turns out that most In-n-out workers are first time workers without families to support and many are students attending college when they are not at work.

So whenever you get the urge for a hamburger, please patronize In-n-out..

Hal Netkin

Americans doing the work they are alleged not to want to do.