Posted June 23, 2016
In August 2004, I showed how easy it would be for a terrorist to bring a Nuke or other WMD from across the Mexican border to Los Angeles.

I wanted to generate a wake up call.  I was interviewed on KABC TV in 2004 regarding Special Order 40. But our politicians buried their heads in the sand.

Like L.A., most California cities are sanctuary cities. Hillary Clinton is on record defending sanctuary cities. Ostensively, because she doesn't want illegals to be afraid to report crime. How naive - in L.A. and all other sanctuary cities, illegal aliens aren't afraid of "immigrant friendly" police - they’re afraid of retaliation by gang members (most of whom are themselves illegal aliens) for being a snitch.

I am not speculating! I'm saying with certainty that if Hillary gets elected, her policy on immigration guarantees escalating Islamic terror attacks on soft targets:

As an ex-Los Angeles activist, I posted this after the 9/11 attack: If I were a terrorist. No one listened and are still not listening - except for Donald Trump.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for National Suicide.

As obnoxious and vulgar as you may think Donald Trump is, he will  not allow suicidal immigration policies.
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Hal Netkin
After the first 1993 Twin Tower attack, but before 9/11 Twin Tower attack, when living in Van Nuys, California, I predicted that there would be escalating terrorist attacks. Then 9/11 happened. Then again after  9/11,  I predicted a future attack with this posting, Two cops showed up at my house and demanded that I hand over my block captain badge. The LAPD Van Nuys precinct commander didn't want me to scare the folks, which is exactly what I intended.