Posted June 14, 2016
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"DIVERSITY IS OUT STRENTH" This mantra is repeated so frequently, that it is unquestionably accepted by practically everyone to be true. But few ask, why? Or ask what the advantages are to the United States, of an ethnically mixed population?

Once "diversity is our strength," is thoroughly ingrained in the minds of Americans, it follows that massive immigration must be a good thing. Anyone who opposes the arrival of millions of immigrants must therefore be a "racist." Many "politically correct" liberals depend on the "diversity is our strength" dogma to insure them of ultimate political power by the millions of immigrants who will later be U.S. voters. And if we allow that time to come, you can all say goodbye to the America you once knew.

Of course the Democrats insist that true Islam is a religion of peace that has been highjacked by radical terrorists (they won't use the word "Islamic" for fear of offending "peaceful" Muslims) and keep insisting that violence is not the extreme in Islam. Unless you're blind, you can't help to come to the conclusion that violence is the norm for a vast number of the world's Muslim men (Muslim women don't have a say on the issue.) The fact that the majority of world's Muslims are moderate, is irrelevant.

Immigration policy should be decided by Americans for the benefit of America - not by immigrants or their advocates. Nor should immigration be based on saving the world's poor and oppressed (America cannot accommodate the entire third world through immigration - if we want to help the poor and oppressed, we should help them where they live - not import them.)

Hillary Clinton must not have heard the cliche: "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." Hillary openly states that she will see to it that thousands of Muslim refugees will be admitted under her watch if she's elected president.

Europe is being destroyed by its immigration policies. Switzerland is headed for a Muslim majority who will replace democracy with Sharia law - goodbye women's Liberty. The UK will not be recognizable in 15 years. There will be civil war by those losing democracy to Sharia government. If Hillary is elected, we'll be like Europe.
Paul Weston, leader of the UK's Liberty GB party says that Europe is being destroyed by its immigration policies. He gives the UK 15 years before civil war. Warns America not to go down the same path as Britain,