Posted June 19, 2016
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Trump knows that if Hillary is elected, what is happening to women in Muslim countries will be imported to America. Hillary would open the flood gates to Muslims whose men don't allow women to have much say in politics, and who hate: women, Jews, Christians, and gays and lesbians. You may think Trump is obnoxious and offensive, but you should be concerned with who will keep us and our children safe from misogynous terrorists. The fact that most Muslims are peace loving people is irrelevant. Watch.

Hillary panders to Hispanics with the promise of Amnesty for anyone who crosses the border and panders to Muslims in opposition to Trumps promise of a temporary immigration ban (I personally favor a permanent ban from countries ruled through Sheria law). Hillary is virtually setting up America for its downfall. Isn't it ironic that Hillary claims to support gay and lesbian rights but welcomes immigrants whose culture believes it's OK to push gays off of buildings. English politician, Paul Weston who heads the Liberty GB Party, is the U.K.'s Donald Trump - albeit, a lot more polished. Watch.

Hillary Clinton claims to be a friend to the LGBT community and women, but the Clinton Foundation accepts contributions from Middle Eastern countries with widely-reported human rights abuses.

Nearly all of the countries that contribute to the Clinton Foundation, televise anti-Semitic propaganda on a regular basis. Watch this out of Saudi Arabia.

Still wanna vote for Hillary?

Given the information above, why would Hillary have so many supporters? The answer: other than FOX News, the MSM is protecting Hillary by not giving the public the above information - and the majority of her followers are uninformed Free-Stuff voters.

If I have managed to persuade you not to vote for Hillary, but you won't vote for Trump either, then that is still a virtual vote for Hillary.

Vote for Trump. He will wipe out ISIS and will be tough on Islamic countries that wage the REAL WAR on women.
Hal Netkin
When I ask Democrats, especially my fellow Jewish Democrats, why they would not vote for Trump, most do not give any kind of convincing political argument, but instead say they won't vote for Trump because he's vulgar and is waging a verbal war on women. As much as you might not like Trump's rhetoric, he recognizes there is a real war on women  like this and this.